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Our Facilities


When envisioning what our facilities would look like, we took into account this version of our stated mission: “To assist in growing the Kingdom of God by encouraging people to choose to have services in churches.” The way we feel we can best encourage families to choose this path is to provide, through their places of worship, a honoring funeral experience, providing a high level of personal service and extremely low costs. This means we have designed our original space to be multi-functional, not too large, but providing a warm atmosphere that does not look like the typical brick and mortar funeral home. With calming colors, bookshelves containing an interesting library as well as items of interest. We have a large open space that can be configured to your needs and walls covered with tasteful religious paintings, calligraphied etchings on parchment, and icons. We also provide personal pictures of us through our lives so that you know the personal side of the director assisting you and your family. 


We were determined to have the resources to meet families at their home and places of worship, with our location as another option. We are prepared to come to you, provide simple, economic choices, a small amount of paperwork since we are not a publicly held company, and not have the expense of a large staff and a large building to maintain and pay for. 


It is our hope that if you visit us at our location, you will find comfort, in a non-pretentious setting that’s not too funereal. We think you’ll find it comfortable and more in line with our mission of helping families and churches be at the forefront. Please let us have any feedback you might feel helpful. As we grow we want to be “light on our feet” so that we can respond to your needs. 

The entrance and front of the building

Entrance and Family Seating Area

Chapel Area

Chapel Area

Bookcases surrounding the arrangement area

Arrangement Area